Focus on Figgjo

I recently listed a really cool bowl in my Etsy shop, Vintage Eve’s. It is the one shown here.

Figgjo Flint Turi Design Market

What I like about it is the mid-century modern look to it; the 1960s color scheme and the sort of cartoony graphics. I like that stuff. On the back it says “Turi-Design Market Made in F///F Norway.” Not being familiar with Norwegian pottery, I had to find out what F///F was.

Turi-Design Logo

Turns out it is the symbol for Figgjo Flint a rather popular company in Norway that is still making product under a different company name, Figgjo AS. But this bowl is from the 1960’s. It is their “Market” design which was created by a designer by the name of Turi Gramstadt Oliver. A woman designer that created some of the most collectible designs of Figgjo pottery.

Lotte Design Figgjo Flint

According to HubPages Turid “Turi” Gramstadt Oliver joined Figgjo in 1960 and over the next 20 years created some of their most loved and collectible designs.

Tor Viking Design Figgjo Flint
figgjo flint
Norsk Design Figgjo Flint


These colorful and fun designs are highly collectible today.






Figgjo Lotte, Figgjo Market (like my piece), Tor Viking, and others. Fun, right? I love these!

Norge Design Figgjo Flint

The Figgjo Flint company was started in 1941 by by Harald Lima and Sigurd Figved near a local clay source (Hubpages). According to the Figgjo website, it went through at least one other name change, Figgjo Fajanse before it merged with its biggest competitor, Stavangerflint AS in 1968. At that point it became Figgjo Flint.

Norway Design Figgjo Flint

That puts the bowl that I bought as being created somewhere between 1968 and 1978. Since the name of the company was at that point Figgjo Flint and I know the designer left in 1980 it has to be within that range.

figgjo salt
Folklore Salt Shaker Figgjo Flint

I also know the design had been around for a bit before she left. Also, I know that Stavangerflint was officially closed in 1979 (Heartbeatfaster blog) and that is when the company became Figgjo AS. So this is my best guess based on the information I have about the company and designer.

ala carte
A la Carte Norway Figgjo Flint

Over the years Figgjo has won numerous awards for design excellence. They frequently get large contracts from hotels and other large businesses all over the world. So many neat things to learn about!

Norsk Saga Figgjo Flint


I hope you enjoyed our journey through some Norwegian pottery. If you get a chance, leave me a note and say hi! Have a great week.

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