Hip Hull-ray!

When I found this bowl under a bunch of stuff in a box in the back room of a store, I fell in love. The look of this bowl just makes my heart pitter-pat! Between the colors, the size, and the design, it’s just a perfectly classic vintage bowl.

Hull Sunflower Daisy Bowl (photo courtesy of Vintage Eve’s)

The bowl is by Hull Pottery. You may have heard of it. I had heard of it but wanted to find out some more to share with you.

Hull Creamer in Brown Drip (photo courtesy of Atomic Retros)

If you go on the Hull Pottery website they say that the company began in 1905 in Crooksville, Ohio. Addis Emmet Hull founded the company. At first the company created utilitarian stoneware, as did many pottery companies at that time. They established an excellent reputation quickly.

Hull Pottery Crescent Pattern (photo courtesy of At-Tiques Vintage Treasures)

They expanded through the early 1900s opening a large warehouse in New Jersey along with their showroom in New York. They had offices in Chicago and Detroit, as well.

Hull Pottery Divided Casserole dish (photo courtesy of Kims24)

As the century progressed into the 1920s, Hull began a line of art pottery along with more glaze colors and techniques. The company continued to be very successful.

Hull Mirror Brown Hen Casserole Dish (photo courtesy of Syl Cameo Jewels Store)

When Addis Hull died in 1930, his son, Addis E. Hull, Jr. took over the management of the company. However, he left in 1937 and became the general manager of the Shawnee Pottery Company (Hullpotteryassociation.org). When he left, Gerald F. Watts became the new manager.

Hull Pottery Bowl Sunglow Yellow with Pink Flowers (photo courtesy of Store Four and More)

From the 1930s to the 1950s Hull continued to produce a number of different items. One of their most popular lines was the Little Red Riding Hood line. It included cookie jars, which are very much sought after today, canisters, sugar bowls and creamers.

Hull Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar (photo courtesy of North America Retro)

They also had a line of floral items that sported a matte pastel finish. These are popular pieces for collectors to collect, too. They also had a florist line that was wildly successful. Many flowers were delivered by florists in Hull containers during the 40s through to the 60s.

Hull Barefoot Boy Cookie Jar (photo courtesy of Dutchie Loves Vintage)

Interestingly, the plant burned down in 1950 but due to their successful reputation they were able to rebuild and reopened in 1952. They reopened as “The Hull Pottery Company” run by J.B. Hull (Hullpotteryassociation.org).

Hull Nu-Line Pottery Bak-Serve Casserole Dish (photo courtesy of Jenzart)

They continued on through the 1950s and 60s expanding their lines, becoming mostly House and Garden serving ware and Imperial florist ware. In 1978 J.B. Hull died. A couple of other men would serve as president of the company until the mid-1980s when, a combination of union strikes and foreign competition caused the company to close it’s doors.

Hull Art Pottery Basket (photo courtesy of Time Gone By Vintage)

It was an interesting history as so many of these companies seem to have. If you visit the links in this post you can find out even more about the Hull Company. I am so glad they were in business because I love their stuff!

Hull Cat Planter (photo courtesy of Vintage Coco By The Lake)

If you have enjoyed this week’s post, leave me a comment! I love to hear from you. Also, if you are looking for any vintage Hull, check out the shops featured in this post. Just click on the picture or the shop name.

Have a great week!

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6 thoughts on “Hip Hull-ray!

  1. Wow!! Never knew Hull could be so fancy!
    Your find is spectacular as are the pink pot and cat planter/vase…those are just my favorites, they are all great, eye opening post!


  2. I learned so much about Hull from your post, Rheta! I hope the word gets out that you have some great background info on all kinds of collectibles. Thanks so much for teaching us all at Vintage Charm! Pinning on my Antique & Vintage Resources board and adding to my Online Info (side bar blog button)–

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