Let’s Go Picking Together!

While my blog is meant to be more informative in nature about the vintage treasures that I find and sell, I wanted to do an extra post that has more to do with my life of looking for these vintage treasures. Don’t worry, I will still be doing my informational stuff! But you know bloggers, we like to write and I wanted to share some fun stuff with you from my life! Let me know if you like some of these extra posts! I love to hear from you!

Hi! Ignore the flyaway hair – the air conditioner was going full blast!

Above is a picture of me. I’m in the car getting ready to take off this morning because I have been looking for some new places to pick through. I have my local haunts but I like to branch out once in awhile when I have time. So I traveled a few towns over to a new-to-me thrift store in Kingston, NH. Apparently they have been there for awhile, but an antique store used to be in that spot, which is what I remember. The antique store moved out and this great volunteer group took over and opened the space as a thrift store. I didn’t find anything for the Vintage Eve’s store, but I did find some lovely red flats!

Darling! Right?!

Shhhh, we won’t mention how many pairs of shoes I actually own right now — but $2 for leather flats, how can you say no?

Anyway, since I was close to Plaistow at this point, I decided to visit one of my favorite Vintage stores, “A Well-Kept Secret.”

A view down the aisle at “A Well-Kept Secret” Plaistow, NH

This is a picture from inside on the first floor. The lower level is crafts and the upper floor is vintage heaven.

A favorite booth at “A Well-Kept Secret” in Plaistow, NH

I found this little “Josef Originals” August lady that will go in my shop, for a great price. I love these little figurines! They had one for each month. Isn’t she pretty?! And she still has her peridot gem and original tag.

A Josef Original with original tag from the 1950’s 

That was all I happened to find in that store today. So, since I still had a little time before I needed to go to a meeting for a committee I’m on, I stopped at my favorite local thrift store. They had gotten some stuff in from an estate sale that was still in totes. Here’s the tote I was after.

There’s treasure in there somewhere!

What I dug out of it were 2 old Ball Ideal jars! Below is one of them. They date from 1933 to 1962 based on the logo — and in pristine condition I might add.

One of the jars

Then, in the back, back room, under a book, inside a basket I found these mid-century modern fondue forks by Inox and this Mouli grater from the 1940s. In fact, the gentleman at the checkout said his mom had a grater just like it when he was growing up and he was older than me, so it was definitely vintage!!


Finally, tucked in a corner, I found this old tool from the 1950s. I found it in a narrow hallway tucked behind some stuff.

An old corner tool from the 50’s

As a picker, you really have to be willing to dig through totes and boxes, look under and behind what you see to find the really great treasures. Sometimes, but rarely, are those treasures sitting nicely on a shelf. And sometimes, they are covered with so much grime that the person selling it doesn’t even realize what they have! I had this Pyrex, pictured below, in my shop for less than an hour.

Black Snowflake Pyrex

When I found this piece, it was covered with grease and dirt. But it cleaned up nice and sold that fast (I just snapped my fingers). The rest of the treasures above will all be in the Vintage Eve’s shop soon.

Well, that was my day of what I call picking! Thanks for coming along with me. Where do you find your best treasures? What was your favorite one? I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Picking Together!

  1. I love your posts and have picked up some great information! And please continue with the personal blog posts, they are fun and informative too. I found a glass dish at Goodwill this week that has the ‘glass balls’ like the Duncan Miller post you did so I grabbed it. I already had the exact same butter dish you found, got it at an estate sale. So, you have helped me identify things I had no idea about!

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