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Buenilum. If you can say that 10 times fast you should get an award! It does not exactly trip off the tongue. It is, however, an important name from the last century. As I am always on the look out for cool vintage pieces for the shop, hammered aluminum with that mid-century vibe catches my eye. Over the last year I’ve picked up this piece …

Buenilum Covered Dish (available at Vintage Eve’s)

And this one, too…

Buenilum Hammered Aluminum and Wood Covered Casserole Holder (available at Vintage Eve’s)

Buenilum is a brand name of the Buehner-Wanner Company. It was produced from the 1930s through the 1960s when the the company was sold to Pfaltzgraff in 1969.

Buenilum Aqua and Aluminium Chafing Dish (available at Gazaboo)

One of the owners, Frederick Buehner, was a craftsman from Germany. He had studied at the Deutscher Werkbund which was an association of artists, craftsmen, architects and industrial designers. The other owner was Franz Wanner. The castle that is featured in their BW logo represents Buehner’s home town of Lindach and came into use around 1945.

Buenilum Leaf Dishes (available at GRITSGirlz)

The name “Buenilum” was a smash-up of Fredereick’s last name and aluminum. It wasn’t a new formulation for aluminum but a brand name for the BW Company. Many of these pieces have Pyrex liners so there has to be some connection there.

Buenilum Bowl (available at Fourth Estate Sale)

The company started in New York in an office near the 59th Street Bridge but eventually moved to Norwalk, Connecticut where they stayed until they closed for good in 1973.

Buenilum Ice Bucket with Tongs (available at Night Shift Vintage)


There is not a lot of information on this company. I needed to use multiple sources to put this post together; each with just a little bit of info. I did want to highlight this company though, because a lot of their pieces epitomize the mid-century modern aesthetic. The hammered aluminum mixed with teak and other woods is, in my book, beautiful.

Buenilum and Corning Carafe (available at Vintaretto)

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any memories of Buenilum at your table growing up, please share! I will be on the link-parties to the right this week; if you have a second, check them out. Have a great week!



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  1. I really like the curliques on these aluminum pieces. So whimsical. I remember our cake saver. It was aluminum. It was embossed with oak leaves and the knob was an acorn of a light wood. I don’t know if this company made it.


  2. Another new company for me Rheta. I love the look of aluminum, especially some of the hammered pieces, but I have not had much luck selling it. I had a nice hammered Ice bucket in my Etsy shop for quite a while with no interest. For right now, I’m “sitting” on it 🙂 Thanks for partying with us at Vintage Charm and Happy New Year!

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  3. Hello we have a butter dish in this style. It is now with us in the Cotswolds U.K. It belonged to my American husbands Aunt who lived in Rhode Island. When we were sorting out the contents of her house after she sadly died among a lot of items we found this ?butter dish. We use it daily on our table as a reminder of her.
    I had thought it would turn out to be Scandinavian but how wrong could I be. I have tried to take a photo for you to see it but not sure how it is done on this page.


  4. Hi Eve. My mom and dad got Buenilum pieces as wedding gifts in Canada, 1955. They do not have any MadeIn markings, just the Buenilum mark. My favourite was the candy dish, always was on the coffee table with mints in it during my childhood. She has a butter dish with glass insert, a water jug, the candy dish and a lovely ice bucket with tongs. All matching beadwork and curved and twisted handles. The ice bucket and water jug are hammered. I can’t figure out how to add pics to this note (if interested, let me know). Lindac, Toronto


  5. I’m a member of the Buehner family. My grandmother, Klara (Americanized to Clara) was the first of her siblings to come to America & is Frederick’s sister
    We of course also collect Beuhnilum pieces & are so glad so many others enjoy them too! Lynn Eicher Sudbeck

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