All About Eve

I’m Eve. I have loved vintage for as long as I can remember. I love to haunt thrift and antique stores looking at and touching the history from years past. As much as I love technology, like this blog, I love the past. I am glad that I live in a day where reaching people all over the world in seconds is possible, but when I hold a vintage item in my hands, I like to envision all the hands that held it before me. My favorite is vintage kitchen and home items. I will try to share the knowledge I have gained and am still learning with you.

If you get a chance, you can also visit my Etsy shop for vintage products at Vintage Eve’s. Enjoy the blog.


3 thoughts on “All About Eve

  1. Hi, Vintage Eve’s! Thanks for the comment and following my blog. I, too, am interested in Vintage! I sell Vintage Patterns and Rubber Stamps in my Etsy Shop. Handmade Cards at . Other Handmade at . And, Vintage Items at . Just started setting this shop up … so, still in the works to get off the ground. Had it since 2012; but never did anything with it until recently. Oh, before, I forget, I started following your blog, tonight.

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