All About Eve

I’m Eve. I have loved vintage for as long as I can remember. I love to haunt thrift and antique stores looking at and touching the history from years past. As much as I love technology, like this blog, I love the past. I am glad that I live in a day where reaching people all over the world in seconds is possible, but when I hold a vintage item in my hands, I like to envision all the hands that held it before me. My favorite is vintage kitchen and home items. I will try to share the knowledge I have gained and am still learning with you.

If you get a chance, you can also visit my Etsy shop for vintage products at Vintage Eve’s. Enjoy the blog.

8 thoughts on “All About Eve

  1. Hi, Vintage Eve’s! Thanks for the comment and following my blog. I, too, am interested in Vintage! I sell Vintage Patterns and Rubber Stamps in my Etsy Shop. Handmade Cards at . Other Handmade at . And, Vintage Items at . Just started setting this shop up … so, still in the works to get off the ground. Had it since 2012; but never did anything with it until recently. Oh, before, I forget, I started following your blog, tonight.

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  2. Hi Eve – I read your comments about Prinknash Pottery. Do you know that the Pewter ware that the monks produced ( ie the grey metallic glaze) has lead in it in rather large quantities and it is not advised to use it today for food or drink. We started to collect Prinknash 40 plus years ago and were told this about 25 years ago by one of the very old monks before the monastery closed.
    It is worth telling people this as there are still mugs, soup bowls etc. turning up at antique fairs, and on e bay etc.
    Good wishes


  3. Hi Eve, I would love to identify a piece that I bought here at a flea market in South Africa, exactly like the glass version of GlasBake clear baking dish, only this replication is made of some sort of cast iron bronze/steel type material, extremely heavy and is gold in color. Under side has the markings which took me a while to actually get right, USA GLASBAKE 4141.


  4. Vintage Eve, you are who I need help from….. I have 2 daughters so guess what I have 2 sets of Josef birthday dolls 1-21 They have no need and I sure dont they are packed away in totes. How can I sell as a whole?


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